Hi! I'm Steve Chan
I'm your Westside voice of experience in the 2018 Elections for Costa Mesa City Council District IV

I've raised a family two doors away from the soup kitchen here in District IV, for nearly twenty five years. I am very proud of my two oldest kids who went through the Newport Mesa USD system, scholarshipped into UC Berkeley, and are now in the work force making their way in life.

I have worked with City Hall over the last ten years, and have been heavily involved in issues central to District IV. Sometimes I've worked with them, and sometimes it seems like all I do is fight City Hall and beyond!

I have led my neighbors, building coalitions when needed, across age groups and ethnicities. Together, we have cracked open problems and worked to solve them, at both local and state agency levels.

The Non-partisan Choice

I am not 'for Republicans' or 'for Democrats' - I am for Costa Mesa. District IV and Costa Mesa deserve better than the partisan dogma that not only divides us, but hides our real problems. Swept under the carpet problems don't get solved.

Change for Better

So often, the obvious solution is the right and legal one. Costa Mesa policy-making has become dominated by special interests that get preferential above the law treatment. We need leadership that won't undermine the law for 'friends' & 'donors'.

Why I'm Running

When government makes a mistake, it can be (almost) impossible to correct.